this has single handedly healed me mentality physically and spiritually. Pls never speak to me or my matzo ever again.

I encourage black people to send this to..... Well everyone, while including your venmo and CashApp info.

@crewel_therapy $creweltherapy

Transracial adoption 

Throwback Thursday to like 2006


back to my childhood home. Let's play a game, can you find me in this family picture?

TOOT TOOT introducing a vice president that is living in the intersections of a few social constructs was a clever ruse

Racism/speak of white hoods 

When I see yt folx wearing american flag or jesus masks.

we tend the hearth on the darkest night, keeping it like all night, we welcome the rebirth of the sun with song in the morning. so mote it be.

NUDEEE Black me 

Toot toot in me wig with me naked boot boot

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