ISO: harm reductionists, people who work in syringe services, people who work on OPS/SUS/SIS, drop-in centers, or are in drug user unions or any other harm reduction groups

@cmmnctnbrkdwn hey, i volunteer with the needle exchange/harm reduction group Portland People’s Outreach Project!

@leeway omg, hi! I work with a syringe exchange/advocacy coalition in baltimore! We house the coalition fighting for legalized overdose prevention sites in MD

@cmmnctnbrkdwn god, i wish we were moving towards having safe injection sites here! that’s my dream. with the passing of measure 110 decriminalizing small amounts of drugs in oregon, it seems like we’re getting closer to it being possible. as it is now we just do outreach, distributing supplies, syringes and pipes and other stuff; even that is still considered radical

@leeway I hear all of that, the decrim has HUGE implications for the rest of us, though. I'm so glad that passed. Also I'm in Baltimore City and we hand out smoking/snorting/string kits/fentanyl tester kits/sex kits and a few more, but that doesn't mean the rest of the state is down. We have expanded SSP access because we opened up the restrictions on who could run them, but that took time.
Our push for OPS is entering it's sixth year. It's so irritating lol

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