another one!
My name is Candy or Sam. Either is fine.
My gender and sexuality are unknown.
I'm a transracially adopted, sober and witchy!!
I have a buncha stuff-- Narcolepsy, PMDD, ADHD, C-PTSD, alcoholism, but not a lotta spoons.

I embroider words on recycled fabric because I love it and it helps me concentrate/express complex burning feelings.
Oh and I'm a big ole brat and have a childlike demeanor with a wicked intellectual tongue!

@cmmnctnbrkdwn we have very similar ☀️🌚🔺!! how does it feel being a water moon to you right now because I am 😥 and then 🤩 so fast

@brebna I AM TOO!!!!!!!! very quick transitions between the two as well

@cmmnctnbrkdwn welcome to! let @stux or I know if you have any troubles! or @novaburst - he's a mod.

@cmmnctnbrkdwn talk about people I'm excited to see on this platform

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