JK I walked home and cried and am now about to sooth my back with a heating pad and being horizontal

Anyone who can spare $15 for me to take an Uber from my drs appointment home would be amazing AND I'll send you a surprise three inch hoop
My venmo is @crewel_therapy


A yt lesbian cis woman on a zoom call told me she liked my hair and quickly followed it with, I wouldn't touch it even if I could though! Right!


this has single handedly healed me mentality physically and spiritually. Pls never speak to me or my matzo ever again.

Hospital/gyno probs 

Went into convulsions/chills Monday, went to the er, COVID free but have pelvic inflammatory disease.
Which means my poor womb-y has an infection.

I like last Podcast on the left and there's nothing you can do about it.

yes, it's me, here to tell you everything cool you say is aave

I love when you ask someone about a thing they know a lot about and they start with "okay, so" because you KNOW you're about to get a novel's worth of nerd shit and it's going to be so delightful because they be passionate as fuck. 🥰

I encourage black people to send this to..... Well everyone, while including your venmo and CashApp info.

@crewel_therapy $creweltherapy

I just watched the newest Christmas Carol made last year and I am upset that there was a magical negro character and also glad there was a black woman witch but also mad that she had to be in just can't even. Seriously just always in service of Ytness? Especially yt men? I just

I can't even begin to express how different a lifestyle I lead than my parents. I just watched cable tv for the first time in probably a year and that shit is WILD and BRIGHT and APPROPRIATIVE and MANIPULATION-Yt like fuck

I'm making this mask (it just needs the elastic loops sewn on) for a raffle to raise money for indie clinics/abortion funds sometime in January. I was inspired by an incredibly racist anti choicer (that venn diagram is pretty much a circle tbqh), because I'm nothing if not petty.
It's not visibly in the picture, but this fabric is VERY holographicy

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