Hear me out- the accessibility and ease to make a meme out of him in that damn chair seems unprecedented to me with the ease and how swiftly the generators were up and running and marketed to EVERYONE. Do you think this is what 2021 is going to look like?
Viral moments hitting and then specific meme generators hitting the landscape so easy that boomers are pushing them out?

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Serious question: how does this bernie mitten meme being so wildly accessible to make change the meme game in the future?

Does anyone know of a good way to provide closed captioning on a live Zoom meeting?

JK I walked home and cried and am now about to sooth my back with a heating pad and being horizontal

@mrboneswildride@artalley.social hey! I'd love to send you a stitch ☺️

Anyone who can spare $15 for me to take an Uber from my drs appointment home would be amazing AND I'll send you a surprise three inch hoop
My venmo is @crewel_therapy


A yt lesbian cis woman on a zoom call told me she liked my hair and quickly followed it with, I wouldn't touch it even if I could though! Right!


this has single handedly healed me mentality physically and spiritually. Pls never speak to me or my matzo ever again.

Hospital/gyno probs 

Went into convulsions/chills Monday, went to the er, COVID free but have pelvic inflammatory disease.
Which means my poor womb-y has an infection.

I like last Podcast on the left and there's nothing you can do about it.

yes, it's me, here to tell you everything cool you say is aave

I love when you ask someone about a thing they know a lot about and they start with "okay, so" because you KNOW you're about to get a novel's worth of nerd shit and it's going to be so delightful because they be passionate as fuck. 🥰

I encourage black people to send this to..... Well everyone, while including your venmo and CashApp info.

@crewel_therapy $creweltherapy

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