Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with a slow Internet connection to see who they really are.

@neglesaks unfortunately my husband disagrees, he wants all my patience for himself 😲 @clown

@clown Oh oh! Als ich geheiratet habe gab es noch keine Computer.
Das war vor 43 Jahren...
Hm, trotzdem noch verheiratet.
Wieso nur?

@clown @mike "That's my secret, cap: I'm always using a computer with a slow Internet connection."

@clown haha like if you can't get along with me facing a slow Internet connection, you do not deserve the best of me either...

Remembering when my bf tried to download Linux in night long sessions... It hardly worked, because connection was always interrupted at some point. I believe ETH Zürich sent out CDs via mail with the current distro.
We're married 17 years now. 😀

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