Hey !
I've got a : I cannot any users on, although other users can! If I click on "Follow", it tells me "friend request sent", but nothing ever arrives at the user's account. I can follow any other fediverse user without any problems... Does anyone have an idea, why this could be the case? (And no, I didn't get blocked, neither by the user, nor by the ...)

so much in advance!!! 😊

@clayogra it is stupid. Just because it is pronounced similiar as your username. Kyogre is not "kjogre", but "kayogre", so amlost your name bit without l 😅

@clayogra probably you're not blocked, but it would be possible that you're blocked by either:
+ The user you want to follow
+ Server wide by the server that the contact is on you want to follow
+ Your server blocked by the server the contact is on you want to follow.

The second one you and the user you want to follow can not see at all, only the admin would be able to see this.

Thanks for your answer! I'm for sure not blocked by the user (as I personally know him) and can't be blocked by, because others from can follow contacts on That I was blocked by the friendica server might be, but it would be very weird, as my first interaction with that server EVER was that follow request... 🤔 But thanks anyway 🙂

@utzer Also, I can see, share, comment etc. everything from, but just can't follow any users there 😅

@clayogra I guess that is also possible when blocked. But again I don't shink you're blocked, most servers in Friendica just block scam, Nazis and similar stuff. Users can block by themselves, so admins don't need to do it server wide.
@clayogra yes, probably you're right, just wanted to explain that there is a block only the admin can do/see.

As for the
@clayogra not sure how the "as for the" ended up there.
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