‼️ Bei den ÖH-Wahlen von 18. bis 20. Mai: Kommunistischer StudentInnenverband (KSV-KJÖ) ‼️

Interview TU Wien: youtube.com/watch?v=NR4X-_Z6MR

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Yesterday I have upgraded the mstdn.social server to keep up with the growing demand.

Per day between 2000 and 45000 users are using the platform and that requires computer power that is not free unfortunately. The server bill is now higher than ever and over €400 per month.

Please think about helping me out <3

BTC: 154MK3JjgSu9n65xGtvrsmbbznANou86sN

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Oida, wann fängt der scheiß Sommer endlich einmal an!!? 😡

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📚 Die #Universität #Wien bietet aktuell, im Rahmen von "#Mathematik macht FreuNde", eine interessante #Video- #Vorlesungsreihe zum Thema "Mathematik trifft #Philosophie" auf #YouTube an.

Eine wirklich anschauliche und gut gemachte Einführung. Falls Ihr einen Account habt, zeigt Eure Unterstützung um mehr solcher Projekte zu ermöglichen!

🔗 youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2s

#lernen #lernmaterial #lehrmaterial #education #openaccess #openscience #OpenEducationalResources

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TV4:s ”expertkommentator” Marcus Oscarsson berättar sagor för barn. Idag:
Putin: Den ouppfostrade ungen.
Trump: Föräldern som lät ungen göra vad han ville.
Biden: Föräldern som sätter gränser och inte tvekar att ta till hård bestraffning.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/PatrikPaulov/statu

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Se talet från dagens protestmöte i Växjö mot regeringens planer på att införa marknadshyror. youtu.be/Ln3bhIDMFes via @YouTube@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/kvaxjo/status/1383

LMAO... me getting featured (actually torn out of context) on a blog to illustrate how crazy "encryptionists" are, simply because I (obviously!) defended the use of TLS... 🤣


Link to the original discussion here on Mastodon: campaign.openworlds.info/@Hami

Sry @Hamishcampbell, but this is so funny that I had to post it.


Will you eventually explain to me, what you definition of "open" and "closed" is in the context of the internet?

Mine is as follows:

open: content that is openly available to anyone, based on privacy respecting open-source technology, operated by for-the-people non-profit entities.

closed: proprietary content available only to people paying with money or their data, based on data-mining closed-source walled-garden software, operated by large capitalist corporations.

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Proletären försvarar våra liberala friheter som de liberala ledarsidorna glömde bort när viruset kom twitter.com/EvolOdonata/status

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AgnesWold/status/1

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@catacat Hällihallo, Willkommen im Fediverse. Der Ort wo ab heute die Coolen abhängen.

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racist libertarians, I refuse on principle to transcribe a single word of these images 

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