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Hey programmers! Where would you host your website? Looking at helping a friend with their new website!

The move to is still changing and hoping more platforms take note of how great the Linux family is.

New Tusker beta build is out with a couple features (notably, fast account switching on iPad by long-pressing the "My Profile" sidebar item) and a slew of bugfixes (bunch of crashes fixed, resolved an issue logging in to some Pixelfed instances)

Has anyone setup with ? If so, got any tutorials or setup guides or words of advise?

Figured out why my is t working. Now have to move /var/www/html to /usr/share/nginx/html that defaults to.

is here with looking forward to trying this out. I’ve been on the and based Operating Systems for so long. Fedora seems like a good new alternative! Still rocking budgie on my laptop. My virtual machines need some stability!

Hey @stux and all you people, here’s a thing for you! Track your cats drinking habits with this new fancy thing:

From 10th of March, #Minecraft will require a #Microsoft account 😢

However, there are free alternatives which respect your privacy!

#MineTest is a #FOSS Minecraft-style game engine with lots of games & mods, including online multiplayer. It's on Linux, Mac, Windows, BSD, Android at

You can follow at:

➡️ @Minetest (official account)

➡️ @nathansalapat (video tutorials)

➡️ @illunaminetest (world-building project)

#FLOSS #FreeSoftware #Libre #OpenSource #LinuxGaming

A blog post documenting the process of building a redesigned #RSS feed in human-readable form.

Things I'm happy to have added to my feed, besides the styles:

- author contact information always visible at the top.
- a 'reply via email' link always visible at the bottom.

Several people are using the latter in their feeds, very few are using the former.

The source code is up for grabs. Built with #Jekyll, it should be fairly easy to adapt to #Hugo and other SSGs.

So, which mobile app to use?

So far this year I've made on blog post! It's been about installing the easy way. I have it posted on my website and also my project site,

I'm also inviting people to help join in on the to help each with actual useful information and unique scripts for the everyday

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