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@stux happens all the time!! It also looking for some new shows. 😎📺

What do you use to write?

(Comment if you want to give details. Do boost, especially if on a writer-centric instance)

@trebach @stux @DeveloperMemes that’s been my problem for so many jobs, even from within a company to show what I’ve done in a prior position, but a true dev job without a CS degree has been a challenge.

@grimmware @omgubuntu that’s what I found as well. When I first saw it I thought it was a newer thing but it’s actually been around for quite some time.

@cjerrington @omgubuntu yeah they provide ESM (extended security maintenance) which is essentially security patches for LTS releases which are out of support, kernel live-patching and some compliance stuff IIRC.

@binarytango yea I found it’s a premium edition the Ubuntu OS geared for cloud computing. But not sure if any part is paid or not. Longer security patches too. Seems like there’s a page for AWS, Azure, and google. Fedora and Endeavor are both Arch based too. 😉 assets.ubuntu.com/v1/f8087897-

@selea I’ve wanted to try out too for a long time. I installed it on an old touchscreen 2-in-1 latitude and it’s been a pleasant experience too. Kinda liking as well.

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Made a account! Who should we follow? Better to follow on or my account? Still learning how all the is all connected. pixey.org/cjerrington

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@binarytango Ubuntu was in its early releases and I had a hard time downloading the iso and burning it to a cd to boot to. Finally came across Linux Mint and used it for years. Now I use a variety for various purposes. I have more computers and VMs running a Linux variant then anything else.

Great article on explaining how easy it is. I remember the difficulty back in the day, but yes, it’s so easy to make the switch and have your computer working again! and there’s so many great choices for you too! clivethompson.medium.com/linux

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