Has anyone setup with ? If so, got any tutorials or setup guides or words of advise?

@cjerrington Hi! Yes! It’s me! :blobcatwave: I’ve since switched over from Nextcloud to Seafile, but I previously used the official Nextcloud Docker image with Caddy as my web server. The documentation on GitHub is solid and got me pretty far with setting up my Dockerfile and Compose file:

If you just want to get it up and running fast, the Apache image should be fine; a modified FPM image is what I used with Caddy running in another container. Since Docker will add all services in a given Compose file to a “[directory name]_default” network on docker compose up, you can add your web server to that network, then proxy your domain of choice to the Docker container’s hostname and FPM port. I also had to bind mount Nextcloud’s root directory to the same location on both the Nextcloud and web server containers and configure the web server to pass static files through—the GitHub link covers this, as well!

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

@aramia awesome! I’ll take a look at this! Been tired of wasting time trying to get something setup and know most dicker images can be easier to a degree for setup, maintenance, and upgrades. I’ve just never really stepped into that world quite yet.

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