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Made a account! Who should we follow? Better to follow on or my account? Still learning how all the is all connected. pixey.org/cjerrington

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Great article on explaining how easy it is. I remember the difficulty back in the day, but yes, it’s so easy to make the switch and have your computer working again! and there’s so many great choices for you too! clivethompson.medium.com/linux

Do you know what's in your software? The FSF is fighting every day for your right to control your computer. Start the conversation in your community and encourage your friends to join the FSF! fsf.org

Love spending time playing @Minetest with the kids. Nice way to spend the weekend. Thanks for the awesome game. Makes playing fun and exciting. We love exploring, learning, crafting, and problem solving.

Just finished a big project. What’s your latest accomplishment with ? What was it with? I learned a lot more about powershell and using it to its full potential. Always

Who has a good tutorial? I’m looking into using it for a new project. Any good examples out there?

Okay got a little demo up and running :blobcheer:

I'm aware there are some UI bugs


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