Wrote a new blog about how much I'm loving Delta Chat after learning about it here on Fedi. Using email for chats just..
Works. Encryption is easy, messages are fast, and it is cross platform. Now for the hard part, convincing other people I know to use it. obscurednarration.com/general/

Testing DIG emulator frontend today. Sonfar son good, even installed a different theme. Main problem is no games will launch. The issue has to be permissions or config cause the games will launch in RetroArch just fine.

Went back to working on the Stream Daddy retro gaming Android OTT box. RetroArch is installed, configured, and all games imported. But, my preferred frontend can't be installed due to legacy Android.

The box runs Android 5 and Termux only supports back to Android 7. This means I can't run the Pegasus install script.

So now I'm looking at different frontends. The goal is just a simple navigation frontend for a TV setup for NES & Genesis games. Gonna start with looking at tweaks to RetroArch itself.

I recently swapped my homelab server from an old desktop PC to a newer laptop I got my hands on. I also ordered a power meter to monitor electrical usage/cost. This laptop only uses 9 WATTS! when sitting at idle and up to 30 watts when under load. The old desktop was well over 100 watts at idle.

Picky customers should notify that upfront. Its not a problem if I know what to expect.

Dudes: It is okay to let a contractor work at your house without you taking the whole week off and hovering around while we are working. You also don't have to do other tasks around your house at the same time.

The line between "supply shortage" and "we are knowingly carrying less inventory" is razor thin. Its the same line between "no one wants to work" and "we refuse to properly staff our locations and suppress wages".

It looks like this board and build has several sellers. Basically in 2015 there was a manufacturer that you could work with if yiu wanted to sell an Android TV box with your own custom branding.

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I played around with this box for too long last night. I did find a some possible CoreELEC builds. But, I'm seriously considering leaving it disconnected from the internet and building it as a retro console. I would just need to pick up a bluetooth controller or two.

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Took a peek inside. Its a Amlogic S905, 2GB RAM, with 16GB onboard storage. I have some projects in mind, just need to find a more recent ROM.

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Random thrift store find I just couldn't pass up. It is a customized Android TV interface for IPTV. Runs Android 5. Has an interesting layout with 3 USB ports, SD card slot, ethernet & wifi. Its essentially everything I want in a OTT box, minus the weird customizations. Putting in the project pile.

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