Last time developing I had some troubles spoiling this film and it got a little destroyed. But its also pretty interesting to look at!


Today I finished my data collection. 7 months, 3 EEG studies and 120 participants completed 🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳 what a wonderful day it is!

Das hohe Venn ist ein Hochmoor, es liegt im belgisch/deutschen Grenzgebiet. Es ist von vielen Wanderwegen durchzogen, die meistens über Holzstege führen, es lohnt sich dieses besondere Stück Natur einmal zu besuchen.

#hohesvenn #landscape #landscapephotography #eifel #morning #trees #landschaftsfotografie #naturfotografie #hiking #wandern #thisisbelgium

@christinadelta Some criticism hits really hard, particularly when I don't like that person terribly much,don't rate their judgement, but also don't feel able to protect myself. Until I stop to think: hang on, I wouldn't want to follow their advice even if I happened to agree with some of it.
What was that I read somewhere? Smile sweetly, say "Why, thank you!" and then carry on regardless. Particularly when they saw me do that. And added another sweet No thank you on challenge, heh.

@christinadelta That's an excellent reminder!
Criticism is a funny thing, it often says more about the person dishing it out than the recipient. Like that pointed finger that means there's three fingers pointing back at you. 'You' in the general sense.

Joke of The Day

What kind of bird can write?

A PENguin

《see? he thought it was funny too》

Conscience: that little voice inside your head that makes you feel smaller.

Mastodon is so chill and peaceful idk I always open this app and feel calmness

Advice of the day: don’t accept criticism from people you wouldn’t ask for advice.

angry atheists be like "bitch, i swear to science,"
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