Meditation out on the patio: eyes closed, visualization of the letter ק (qoph), the sounds of nearby streets and I-280, and the sensation of the warm air.

Video production tonight was rather bumpy. I’ll keep my nightly mantra in mind and start again fresh tomorrow morning.

Needless to say, we won't be seeing The Residents in SF tonight after all 😿

As I recuperate, I am resuming work on my next video. This is the way.

It’s moments like this, experiencing just the warmth, angular light, and sounds from the nearby freeway and the city, that I feel connected to something spiritual.

A nice warm morning in . Coffee on the patio ☕️ and preparing my list for the day ☀️

A cute picture of Sam Sam with turquoise lighting to brighten your evening 😻

Indeed, there is quite a queue of both hardware and software right now waiting in the studio to be reviewed for CatSynth TV. Just need to rest, get better, and do them one by one - and hopefully have fun in the process.

Did a little work on my Arturia MS-20 V demo/tutorial. Mind is restless and impatient, but my body is quite tired and achy this current illness (whatever it turns out to be).

1958 brochure from Caltrains District 4. Interesting to see what was built, and what wasn’t

Feeling achy and miserable this afternoon. But just had Sam Sam purring and kneading on my chest, which was nice.

Another day, waking up with Sam Sam curled up near me on the bed.

Everyone, please knock it off with the “stock market crash” thing. This turns into a self fulfilling prophecy.

I did the best I could today. I will do the best I can again tomorrow.

Looking at maps because it helps me relax.

Hoping to be productive preparing for the next video. But under the circumstances taking it easy seems best. Doing a fee Yiddish lessons, Daf Yomi, and relaxing.

Welp, both of the humans at CatSynth HQ have had potential COVID exposures from different sources. Time to break out those Biden tests… 🦠

Between Arturia's V Collection 9, a new piece of hardware that arrived in the mail, and the instruments already in the queue to be reviewed, I should be quite busy for a while.

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