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some cool tech youtuber have said that i can switch my phone to black&white to spend less time on the internet, so now i just scroll through black&white memes

remember when 'red or blue' was about intel and amd

me neither but who cares

imagine the world we could live in if modern-day computer viruses installed folding@home instead of cryptominers

can't help but notice that the poll button looks like a smol server rack

i legitimately don't remember how many times i've copied it over

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mfw .mozilla folder takes up 120 petabytes after being moved from 4 windows installs and 3 different linux distros

i've started a windows xp installation process and left for a while and came back to this :blobcatgoogly:

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i've been recently trying out some virtualization on my home server

which is actually a netbook with an intel atom cpu

this is fine :blobcatgoogly:

hot take 

the best linux distro is windows 7 with auto-updates and aero deactivated

uhhh hello i guess
i have internet access now so i decided to share this photo i took yesterday

ssh is magic
being able to remotely connect to your computer from miles away? get real lmfao

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