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Thank y'all for being cool people, the fediverse is really nice :blobheartcat:

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I know it's weird since I'm celebrating a twitter milestone, but I like the fediverse a ton so it'd feel wrong to leave y'all out, so I'll be drawing people who reply to this toot aswell!

I'll draw as many people as I can (probably sketches), the only rules are that:
- You follow me
- You post a ref pic in the replies

I'm okay drawing OCs and fanart, but keep in mind I'm still learning art πŸ˜… so don't test me too much

I'll start drawing in around a week

WIP, but I was really happy with how the pose turned out that I just CAN'T not share it!!

Everybody talking about the direct here I am playing chess with my friend over DMs lol

i like the part abt valentine's where you send love to people i don't like the part where the only person you're supposed to send it to is a lover or crush

y'all are great and not having a partner doesn't mean you have nobody in your life or are worthless, have a nice day :blobheartcat:

Collab between me, and!


i guess i'll try to draw something festive and then maybe victini later???
idk what festive thing to draw though πŸ˜…

what should i draw next i can't decide

I feel like I may be having a bit too much fun with the level editor

Apologies to those who are waiting on me to upload art by the way, I've been busy lately so I don't know when I'll be able to upload more art

Thank you for your patience!!! :blobheartcat: :blobheartcat:

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