Been chaning my username everywhere because I no longer vibe with my current handle, but it seems that I can't change it over here, which is a big shame :T

I imagine it's for technical reasons or something but it's still a shame

Anyways I was drawing this face for a piece and I ended up liking the face so much that I just made it an avatar for myself :P
I might end up making it a piece anyways but no promises

Oh shit, content type? markdown?
Are you telling me I can format my posts now?

I'm participating in a Tetris tournament and we've already had our first match!

dumb meme 'cause idk what to draw in spite of having WIPs lol

sorry i haven't drawn much lately would you take a shitty ecolo as an appetiser

Eye contact, gun being aimed at the viewer 

A drawing of's OC, R!

Doodling session with, and

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