Fediverse, I need your help !
My manager aks me to define my job, with a name and I'm stuck at "I need time to think about it". My actual job name is "web developer", but it needs to be (much) more precise. "Frontend dev" is a bit narrow, "fullstack" seems to be a bullshit joke.

I do PHP backend dev, JS dev, CI/CD, install and configure softwares on Linux servers, do some automation scripts, use GIT…

Any idea ? Boost appreciated.


@Sp3r4z sadly, after working in the business world since the mid-2000s, it has taught me that the bullshit of a joke names are the best because often that's what they're looking for. however, i'd be kind of wary if they're making you define your job.

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@caranmegil Maybe fullstack is good, it's maybe "more precise" than just "web dev"

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