Teen child entered High School. They seem to be liking the “reset” in classwork & teachers. We also signed the loan papers & construction contract papers for the home renovation. We’re largely moved out and into the rental house now, only a few small items remain. Pup is happier we’re home (at the rental) more often.

Two short travel jaunts (Colorado & Rhode Island) for work last week and a major home renovation loan (>$900k) closing yesterday, and I’m whacked. Food was good, as I used help from locals and Yelp! as my guides. Got COVID exposure notice on first outbound flight (10% mask use, I wore one religiously.) Thankfully tested 2x negative with home kits. Thankfully nothing planned further until Labor Day Scottish Games gathering on “The Plains” in Virginia.

I’ve never had a dog of my own until just recently. They were always someone else’s pet. Now that I have one, I never want to be without one. She’s happy, fun, will lay next to me for hours or be content in my lap. Of course she sometimes begs for treats - which I indulge from time to time. And she’s good at most things, including bedtime.

Teen nearly passed out starting at physical therapy today… BP plummeted when she sat up. Likely dehydration from outside work this week in the heat, although she was fine yesterday.
Work has been difficult as the admin staff are making everyone’s life a living hell. One of them screwed up something twice on an HR issue I had, just answering something instead of calling me first. Now upper management is doing an elephant dance, and I’m the one having to dodge the impacts. If it gets any worse I might have to file a formal complaint. SO STUPID & RUDE! 🤬

I haz made first time intrawebz cablez. Can I haz IT job now? (j/k- lol 😆) I know IT is a lot more than that, but I had a couple busted RJ45 jacks on long 5e ethernet cables & have fixed them, so they work now. And I feel proud of myself. 👍🏻

Went & got blood tests done, now just have to wait for the results. Also laser printer replacement completed, so treated myself to plant 🌱 based nuggies in the air fryer and had them with bbq sauce! Tasty “responsible” nuggies!


So, sortof a bad day today:
Possibly low on Magnesium (blood tests to follow up) causing weird heartbeats, Past Department Head (and friend) lost wife in bad car accident, Past coworker (friend & deputy for me) retiring Friday on disability due to stroke.

Busy day at the office today, plus - [TEEN CHILD HAD 1ST DAY OF REAL EMPLOYMENT! They’re working for city park & rec center.]
Also insomnia last night. Ugh. But muddled through today. My sleep schedule is all screwed up.
Also - I wanna go to another furcon!
(Too soon- Have work stuff to do)
Also - Fox visits Boulder CO in August!

I’m now fully awake, and wanting to do stuff… but lack of motivation is a hurdle I am not getting past.

How the day is going so
far: Got up early. Made an egg beaters
omelette. Checked online orders/delivery schedules. Took fam to physical therapy. Checked on renovation house. Snapped a
couple pics. Stopped at Aldi. Got Orange creme twizzlers (meh-good). Picked up booze at ABC store. Picked up fam. Returned to rental house.
Unloaded Aldi food stash. Wrote this piece. Napped. Made a Manhattan. Watched a Mary Berry cooking show. Had a nice piece of ripe watermelon.

Furry, COVID 

Got a couple good photos from the fursuit parade, one with ScubaFox. And negative on COVID home retest. Am happy with the ‘stache & my new “pheets.”

Am back home from AC22. Here are my thoughts. The police were a necessary evil, but pervasive throughout con spaces. [I was not there when closing happened, but the stories are chilling. These are the times we live in, created by those we are forced to live with.] The artwork was good, but I wasn’t compelled to buy anything this time- mostly due to rising costs & pending home renovation. I did get to chat with the Sci_Furs, but most other panels were very “ho-hum.” Did get a pair of nice slipper/pawfeet in the dealer’s den, redid my mustache which seemed to be a hit on the parade route. Parade was way too short. Spoke to Yappy; sorry he’s giving up. Hoping a few con fursuit photos taken by ScalesDragon get uploaded soon. The “block party” was a bust for me; No real memorable interactions. Good idea, bad execution imho. Later, had drinks with friends at Bill’s Bar, including Commander Kitsune, TheScubaFox & Kamau. Felt lonely multiple times, or like I was forcing myself on others. (B-/)

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Reflection: Roe v Wade Ruling by SCOTUS 

Today is a day of reflection- realizing the founding fathers were all politicians. Benjamin Franklin wisely warned us, "This Constitution… can only end in despotism… when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other." This is because today SCOTUS overturned Roe vs. Wade. And I’m struggling to find ways be supportive of my wife & teen afab enby (daughter) right now. I feel betrayed by SCOTUS, Congress & POTUS over religious vs (morality+humanity) issues.
Society can only strive toward perfection, but oft hobbled as it’s built on basely corrupt humanity foundations. Someone pointed out a valid point that past SCOTUS didn’t recognize blacks as human, but fwiw, that was also not this seated court- aka “We survived that stench.” Not the 1st time democracy had to “survive the stench” of a SCOTUS court ruling. But this one is definitely an eye opener for political corruption & fascism in modern times.

New camera acquired & broken in. Nikon D810. Very happy with initial photos, now I just need to photograph more…

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