Latest instalment of the Fall of Civilisations podcast.

The Nabataeans - The Final Days Of Petra

« Johnson is lying when he claims the bill to kill the NI Protocol is designed to save the Good Friday Agreement. A thread explaining why he is trying to mislead and why this bill in fact threatens the peace process »

An excellent thread by Jonathan Powell in Twitter

Was reminded of this from 2018: "significant wider disruption to … the road network in Kent."

That was a prediction which justified the giving money with no oversight to a company with no ferries.

We've now seen the reality.

But have nothing for the £14m spent.

Software went downhill after we stopped distributing it on brightly coloured floppy disks

Fuck video “documentation” and write a goddamn user manual

Fascinating… (turn on subtitles)

"The Five Fonts of Chinese Calligraphy"

"Almost all government policy is wrong... but frightfully well carried out!"
— Sir Humphrey Appleby

These days only the first of those assertions stands up to scrutiny.

« HUGE! Connecticut is the first state to pass a safe-state law for transgender and abortion refugees from criminalizing states like TX/AL/AR.

Bars summons/subpoenas/compliance with out of stte warrants and allows those charged to sue for damages!

It's long and there's lots here! »


I dont have many followers - I know this but I have to signal boost this as much as I can.

A small company in in Burnley that does a lot of good for the community is currently dealing with a dogpile. If you can please follow them on twitter


Did you know that you can prevent most superspreader events by simply not having large indoor gatherings during a pandemic? So easy!

Hell hath no fury like a slaphead, bespectacled, lockdown law breaking sacked compulsive liar.


Yup, we need #regimechange alright.

We need the entire Tory Government and their SpAds (past and present) in jail for democide.

That includes Cummings.

Hidden is a gem

Absence of much talk about it makes me think that it's underappreciated.

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