This website is hilarious - it's an A.I. that generates inspirational quotes, but some of them are just weird and others are more "demotivational"

Example: "A voice will forever be an audience, but it can never be a lava lamp."

Or "The two things you need in order to understand how the universe works is a woman and a grave."

@calculsoberic It never disappoints, has been a while since I have used it though. Also help, it thinks that I kill people.

@RobinWils They kind of remind me of those demotivational posters, you know the ones I mean?

@calculsoberic It is true though, most quotes are bullshit, and every average person will have no impact at all. Nothing really matters, or everything does, depending on how you look at it.

I like the dark side of life, and appreciate it. I think it is not bad to be aware of such stuff. A simple life is ok too, appreciate what you have, and that you are even able to live. Dark stuff can make you appreciate stuff more.
@calculsoberic I am happy that fedi isn't quote-happy. I dislike quotes usually, because they can easily be interpreted in another way, and often just are purely bullshit.

@RobinWils oh, absolutely, I think that's why I like those types of movies. I do believe I've had an impact, though, even if the person affected wasn't aware that I was the one who did it.

@calculsoberic I am fine with having almost no impact. Sure, I work at quite a big company at the moment, so have some impact, but it is neglectable. Being productive is fun though.

Just like knowledge. I think it is often better to assume that everyone knows nothing, even experts don't know half of the matter they are "expert" in.
@calculsoberic Being productive just feels good, feels like you have impact.
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