@whacker @calculsoberic @sergeant as far as I’m aware all platforms and clients are chronological; however I am somewhat concerned that all posts are plain text and open in nature, even if tagged as followers only or DM. As I understand it, it’s up to the client to interpret and not/display as requested. This means all posts could be scraped and data harvested by a commercial entity.

So, you know, don’t post anything you wouldn’t want public, I guess? Like you shouldn’t anyway.
I don’t think the fediverse is large enough for a commercial entity to bother yet, but I think about what could be possible.

@swansinflight @calculsoberic @whacker Not posting private stuff is just a small part of it. You need to get rid of Failbook (including Whatsapp & Instagram), Google, Amazon and other big Tech companies. Use alternatives like Protonmail, Duck Duck Go, Threema, Signal. Use a good VPN.


@sergeant Well I use DuckDuckGo all the time, Tor, RiseUp, etc, but I'm still connected to some of the big tech companies if only loosely. Need to part from them as best I can! @swansinflight @whacker

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