:amaze: mstdn.social has used over 18TB data this month :blobcatgiggle:

@calculsoberic We have 20TB each month :ablobwink: if we go over that it’s €1 per TB extra

@stux @calculsoberic
There are about 8-9 hours left for the month to get over, right? Hopefully 2 more TB doesn't get used up in that time! 😂

@strawberryfieldsforever @calculsoberic Were gonna make it haha! I just never had this warning mail before :flan_laugh:

@stux I told my mom yesterday how one of the sites I write for was seized and she was like :Wotan_shocked:


@strawberryfieldsforever Darknet Live. They're still online atm but I think their private keys were stolen. @stux

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@calculsoberic @stux
Is there no option to repeal? And what reason did they give for doing that?

@strawberryfieldsforever With Deepdotweb, it was that they were taking kickbacks from darknet markets to have their sites listed on there, and they made over $1 million doing that. The sites had referral links on there and every time someone clicked it, they made money.

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