wonder what my dad will think of this, as he's never used masto before! 😆

@stux if you get a chance to read it, let me know how it sounds!

@calculsoberic He will probably say ether "The fuck is mastodon?" or "Ah your talking about that big old mammoth liking elephant from the cavemen times" 😂

@0PT41N I think I may have shown him a screenshot of it before or something

@calculsoberic Tell him its a way better alternative to twitter 😉

@0PT41N I should do that! it may take him awhile to get used to the surreal humor though

@calculsoberic Hi! Thanks for writing about the Fedi :) I miss a link to fediverse.party and it would be nice to add a few words about “the early days” back in 2008…

“The fediverse has existed for about as long as Twitter, starting at around the same time in 2008, but up until 2012 its existence it was centralized around a single instance called identi.ca , or in the form of StatusNet subdomains.”


I did this incomplete timeline a couple of years ago: https://arxius.laloka.org/projectes/Fedicat/imatges/fedi-2008-2019.png

Thanks again and have a nice day :)


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