Since Firefox is dead, I've switched to Lynx

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@calculsoberic I'm a quantum computer scientist, and I deal with more consoles than people could possibly imagine... and even i don't really see the need of using a text/console based browser...馃

@The_Quantum_Alpha I think as long as it's an open source browser with good security features it's fine! I mostly use Tor and Firefox.

It's great as a backup and for fast viewing of text in otherwise JS-heavy sites.

@calculsoberic @dheadshot I mean, sure. If we were in the 1980 with no GUI, that would work...

But we are in a age where I can just quickly xorg a browser if I need to, or ssh into a virtual environment faster that it would take to navigate a website with keyboard and text... and unless you only have less than a gigabyte of ram, a modern browser will always be more convenient.

But this is just my opinion

@The_Quantum_Alpha oh, absolutely! I really wasn't that serious about it, but I do like to mess around with different types of programs just for fun. the surf browser seems pretty cool as an alternative that's still practical. @dheadshot

I use lynx as a quick browser on low-spec linux systems where I'm not sure what I can afford to install. If the site is more complicated, I might use Links instead as it supports more and can communicate with Tor. If I need graphics and I'm sure I have the RAM, there is Dillon...

Use Insert/delete for scrolling and up/down to tab through links, right to follow them, left to go back, g to enter a URL. You can ignore most of the rest of it.

Mastodon itself would be blank, but you can use it through Brutaldon (I have done this quite a bit)!

@calculsoberic @The_Quantum_Alpha
See also: Viewing Mastodon from the Epaper Terminal - this used Lynx and Brutaldon with a custom script to get images working (only works on my terminal as I added it as functionality).

@dheadshot oh yeah, someone mentioned Brutaldon on another instance! *geeks out* @The_Quantum_Alpha

@dheadshot @calculsoberic I know how it works...

Buy i can also alias a command to launch a xorg interface to a browser, making it even faster than launching linx or such...

I'm a heavy terminal user due to my work. But there are some things that just doesn't really makes sense to use as TUI... with the processing power we have in these days and age...

@mracreep I'll check that out too. Maybe it's time to do this as an article on Substack!

@calculsoberic I must look into Lynx, but tell me, why is FF dead?

@sergeant well it started as a joke on here, someone had said "Firefox is officially dead," and they were referencing an article that said Edge was the number 1 browser. So I was just being facetious and saying I would use Lynx. I do actually have it on my computer, but I use it more for experimental purposes. Surf is a nice in-between browser that was recommended to me!

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