@seek Thanks! It took me a bit to understand this one but I got it running

@calculsoberic just finished reading the article! So it's a fully end to end encrypted network.

I still don't understand much about it. May be I will read the article again. And then their documentation too, if I get any more free time.

@seek Yeah, I was trying to sum it up in a brief article, which is tricky to do. Have you used mesh networks before? That's about the closest similar thing. Basically, it takes the idea of centralization based on your ISP and gives it back to you, and each device on the network makes up one "node." The whole network is arranged in a "tree topology."

@calculsoberic I personally haven't used any mesh networks but have learned briefly about mesh and tree topologies. But my knowledge is not enough to understand everything. So I decided to take things slowly. I am going to read about those whenever I am free little by little.

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