@akeno @null0x0c @calculsoberic @i3x you are in my house with my rules. We are NOT a free speech instance. Respect and the truth is far more important than saying whatever you like.

@akeno @null0x0c @calculsoberic @i3x Before joining one instance I suggest you read the guidelines first before you start posting

@stux @akeno@liberdon.com @null0x0c @i3x I don't see how someone can call that "science" :blobfacepalm:

@calculsoberic @stux @i3x I am extremely sorry that you have to go through this every single day! At least we have user based filter/mute options.

@null0x0c @stux @i3x it's ok! most of the people on here seem cool but I come across the occasional person like that.


@null0x0c @stux @i3x ahahaha I've had that happen too. it seems to happen on Chromium a lot!

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@calculsoberic @stux @i3x
Oh! Makes sense, I have had same experience on Web app. It usually goes away automatically. :23235:

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