My work sent this out to everyone and I figured the fediverse would like it.

@Winnie_LD it means wear underwear. going commando means you have no underwear (so in this metaphor, it's going without a mask in otherwords.)

@calculsoberic @dahmer i do adjust both mask and underwear though. oh noes.

@olivia @dahmer I do adjust my mask, but I usually go into the bathroom or my car for that.

@calculsoberic @dahmer unfortunately i have to adjust my mask all the time because glasses, and they get all foggy and i can't see shit.

@olivia @dahmer oh my god, ME TOO!! I noticed it helps to put some soap on them and then wipe it off (they seemed to fog up less).

@calculsoberic @dahmer also spit. in theory, that's what's swimmers do? to be honest, i barely go out anyway... >.<

@olivia @dahmer :bloblaugh: I have to come into work physically 2 days a week at least, and thus have to deal with the mask/fogging.

@calculsoberic AND...

Pretend your nose is your genitalia. It belongs IN, not OUT.

@docskrzyk I attempted to write a description for this but kept making ridiculous typos and I said "fuck it"

@john well it's fine if it's not going to cause you to catch the virus, I suppose...

What virus can bypass my pants but not my underpants?

@john none, but it's not meant to be taken literally. they just mean wear a mask.

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