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I haven't been able to physically go to the protests lately but I've been supporting organizations that are making changes in this area: - Petition Justice for George Floyd - Support Black Owned has a mobile app that can help you support black owned businesses in your area!

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Phase 1: make nachos

Phase 2: ?????

Phase 3: profit

hey @stux, could you share the darkrebel article about how to use bitcoin on your tl? thanks!

There's this short scene in the 2017 Wonder Woman movie where one of the soldiers says, "We need more firepower!" and they throw a grenade. Somehow, in my head, I twisted this into "We need more fiberpower!" and pictured them throwing hard bran muffins at the Germans.

@anarchiv how can your bot be self-aware if all the toots are made up of things you've said? πŸ˜†

why do people have such issue with furries? they're pretty cool - good article on redlining. also a great blog in general about black civil rights!

distracting myself from the fact that we're in the middle of a pandemic and also human suffering by playing video games

Finland has just closed its border. No one is allowed to cross the Finnish line.

@geet I was going to reply this to your earlier status but you deleted it

I thought the fediverse (especially musicians) would appreciate this: I was struggling to fit all the dishes in the dishwasher earlier, and I said , "This isn't my forte - it's my pianissimo."

"the guy asleep on the bus or subway with his head stuck under the seat thing and if he wakes up he dies post tumblr"

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