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Youtube comments out of context 

One day I was walking down the street and a hedgehog made fun of my Hawaiian shirt. I got so upset that I ran down the street crying and I tripped over a dollhouse which caused me to land on my face and chip my tooth on a piece of hard candy I was eating and because I had to go to the dentist to get it fixed I missed my train to Mongolia and had to stay in China an extra week and now I'm the emperor of China.

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Hot take: TikTok is far more disturbing than the "dark web"

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Youtube horror: Cats Who Code's disturbing search history

Do you have a pet? Are they acting like a nudnik? I will ALWAYS side with the pet over you. That's my guarantee.

@calculsoberic @BeBestBeatBeast >ksh >zsh >sh >tcsh >eshell >ash >scsh >pyshell

(eh, anything other than fish is fine)

"Didn't you watch that already?"

Excuse me, I'll watch it however many times I want to stave off the existential dread of a horrifying indifferent universe

I really don't understand the reasoning behind phrases like this

Another one is "he's got too much time on his hands". Uh, I have little time and how I spend it is my dang business

Or "don't you have anything better to do?" Yes, I should stop listening to you

Life is already too short to worry about what other people think is the best use of your time and energy

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there is this type of leftist that will go out of their way to defend their shitty consumption habits and talk about individualising societal problems then do a 180 and condemn your choice to live on a boat with your family because "how does that change capitalism as a whole"

Security researcher recommends against after detailing 7

A security researcher is recommending against LastPass password manager after detailing seven trackers found in the Android app.

LastPass Android: Drittanbieter überwachen jeden Schritt

Impacted Products:

VMware ESXi
VMware vCenter Server (vCenter Server)
VMware Cloud Foundation (Cloud Foundation)

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>Linux Mint Developers Will Force Updates on Users Like Microsoft Does with Windows 10
Ah cool :blobcatlul:

@seek I saw your comment on the Barbie games post! Thanks! Stuff like that from when I was a teenager really messed me up, I think. :abunsmile:

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