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@finn band: do you expict me to tolk, galdfinger?

galdfinger: no mr band, I expict you to dee!

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re: A software tester walks into a bar. 

this is SO relatable

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Lightning cat!! I was told that this can brighten anyone's day so I'm sharing it.

My name is Giovanni Giorgio but everybody calls me Gorgio

If you watch Microsoft over 5, 10, 20 years you see there is a pattern.

Every product they bu or touch goes to shit within 5 years.

There are some rare exceptions like Azure and GitHub, but those exceptions are because it brings the most money.

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I know people had no idea what song I was referencing earlier, so this is it (Sometimes in Winter) 😆

women who are roughly my age was using one of the platform?

(sung to the tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad") 🎵 most disturbing movies, most disturbing moooooovvvvieeeees, most disturbing movies, most disturbing movies 🎵

who is your bond?

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Hopefully the ONE VPN service I've used isn't a scam?! hmm

People #OnHere love to go meow, or hoot, or beep, or awoo

Maybe I should come up with a contact call too



maia TV appearance now also with english subs!!

i fansubbed myself and @evelyn made it actually watchable (i cant sync for shit)

@breakfastgolem @derek

my degree was a bachelors of spyence, please have some respect for the spyentists of the world

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