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@RussellsBarbershopQuartet @CyclopsCaveman on the eleventh day of morris my true love gave to me

eleven morrises morrising
ten morris a-men
nine ladies morris
eight morris a-milking
seven morris a-swimming
six men a-morris


four calling men
three french morris
two men's morris
and a morris in a pear tree

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@bees @req that's one small Morris for man, one giant Morris for mankind

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@lemememeringue @anarchiv ooh, I think my gender is food! thanks for helping me figure it out.

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@noelle I want it to be true just so I can do "Wait, it's all WordPress?" "Always has been"

Magical: Apparently Parler, the "free speech but only for racism" Twitter alternative, has been storing all of their admin credentials in a public-facing PHP config file.

New folks who are a few hundred posts or fewer into Mastodon: There are some unspoken or spoken tonal things to consider.

Edgy jokes need to punch up if you're going to be making them at all. "Ironic" punching down is going to go over like a lead balloon. Instances have died because the admin made comments like this.

Gage the situation before making a reply, especially to a stranger. When in doubt, don't give advice, corrections, or requests of specific people unless they are requested. Being overly chummy with people you are not familiar with may be taken as pestering. Random flirting is a quick way to get reported and largely shut out, even if it's "not serious."

CWs are your friend. Although there are times where they are egregious, and although CW requests specifically have been weaponized against primarily users of color (don't weaponize CW requests please), if it's lewd, rude, or food, better safe than sorry until you pick up on the general tone.

@Smol_Kitten_UwU your bio says "Idk what to do" - if you need any help, feel free to ask!

The Republican Party does not care about Black voters. They'd rather take what they can get at the margins and try to stop us in from voting in the large urban areas.

Republicans will never again win the popular vote in a presidential election. They make zero effort to expand their base while the country continues to slowly, but inextricably move to the left. We have to vote blue on all levels.

Republicans Rewrite an Old Playbook on Disenfranchising Black Americans:

my boss at work keeps asking me to come in early and i should probably do that at some point to earn extra money to move, but also fuck that noise

I'd like to see a computer beat me at Mao when it doesn't even know what game it is.

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while i do enjoy there being a local only posting, i think a better feature would be "shows everywhere except federated"


modeseven used to use that to indicate that he was no longer streaming his drawing. πŸ˜€

There's a stereotype of Cajun cooking in like bougie French cooking that we just use pepper and salt and garlic and what I'm hearing from this is

we use spices

@Cyborgneticz honestly my impression of cajun cooking (as someone who has never been within 500 miles of Louisiana) is:

- medium spicy
- if it comes out the sea it's going in the pot
- every single person has a different jambalaya recipe and they swear on their mother's life that theirs is the only REAL one
- all the food names are fun to say

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