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When a bunch of cats are connected together that's called a caterpillar send toot

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@finn fearing fish leads to angler, angler leads to bait, bait to seafaring

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I thought John Zerzan was dead

[Schratze voice] Mandela effect

can't believe that they call van helsing "van hilsen" in bokmål, smh

I love how for almost a decade, no one has been able to pinpoint my accent when I'm speaking English. I've heard it described as "kind of Australian but with something weird and European about it"

In light of this, we have published a response - emphasising that the human right to privacy encompasses reproductive autonomy, and the right to access safe abortion care.

The Dobbs decision is an outlier. It is goes against the bulk of international human rights standards. 2/4

🧵 It’s been a month since the U.S. Supreme Court made an unprecedented decision to rip away existing constitutional protections around the right to access safe abortion care. 1/4

@trebach @stux I suspended all the ones in the reports but there are probably more haha

Going on this year?

boomers will really dismiss your mental illness but believe in the free market

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