i really should get around to that introduction post


my health center has started waitlist for vaccinations hooray. they are hopeful to start non-urgent vaccines in late march or early april

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Haters, if you are really so intent on doxing me, here is my full name and address, you can come see me in person:

John Schnatter (friends call me "Papa")
1904 Stone Gate Road
Louisville, Kentucky

a free life lesson from no brains ashley: remember to reattach the cap to the humidifier before turning it upside down

after the move; ive not followed up, resulting in so many days of doing nothing at all. let’s.. try again in a few hours

@cacheerror there was also another time i was learning php and accidentally set off a never ending email bomb whoops a daisy ill put that on my resume for usa webmaster tho

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one time i made a self replicating post on a message board that shut the servers down can i apply to be webmaster of usa do i qualify

free trial for your user auth service what could go wrong

oof, app stores are flooded with anything that begins with par.

plz no orange burner accounts on here lol

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