staying awake to read mailing lists just to see the domains people have for their email addresses

about that not getting distracted things:


Hello! I've been doing a bad job of mstdn'ing! It's ok!!!

@cacheerror also out of all of the stuff I grabbed in a rush out the door I made sure to take my lip balm........

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My face mask today says “why” on it which my eternal mood

There doesn't need to be a reason to toot

Positive outcome: I can close a lot of tabs of rpi3 projects now

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lot of transphobes signed on to that harpers letter, just saying

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For a couple of days, I forgot that I took a RPi out of its case and went off to do other stuff. Guess the SD card must have bent and shorted. Can’t even get it out of the slot now oop

Using signal and joplin for notes and messages to myself was a good idea

it's really awesome how a depressive cycle hits and a whole week is just gone. Really awesome.

Task: Set up a lighttpd server with webdav module so I can use Joplin (notes/reminders) instead of other apps/software or using cloud storage.
Status: Success!

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