I’m going to be cat watching all weekend this is the dream life they talk about

While sometimes I am active here and sometimes I forget, I’m glad it still exists and hope anyone who sees this is ok

you can accomplish anything you want, I said there was no way I going to get anything done today, and fought and am proud to say that I got nothing done

You are all very cool people but the last thing I wanna do is join random voice chat channels so I’m glad I’m on mastodon these days lmao

i really should get around to that introduction post


my health center has started waitlist for vaccinations hooray. they are hopeful to start non-urgent vaccines in late march or early april

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Haters, if you are really so intent on doxing me, here is my full name and address, you can come see me in person:

John Schnatter (friends call me "Papa")
1904 Stone Gate Road
Louisville, Kentucky

a free life lesson from no brains ashley: remember to reattach the cap to the humidifier before turning it upside down

after the move; ive not followed up, resulting in so many days of doing nothing at all. let’s.. try again in a few hours

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