Which politician played shameless politics outside the Taj Mahal Hotel on 26/11/2008 while terrorists were happily killing innocents left, right & centre ? Please boost !! @sanjayuvacha

I have done my bit, please do yours. And do boost for reach.

@saketgokhale has been fearlessly taking on the establishment with his legal interventions and campaigning. He now seeks your support in taking on the hate machinery. Contribute!


#againsthate #india

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So. Turns out the BJP is a party of terrorists, by terrorists and for terrorists.

Hope and light from Varanasi.

The Joint Action Commitee of the
Banaras Hindu University comes out in the support of Prof. Firoze Khan.

#BHU #india #FirozeKhan #varanasi

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Ram Guha will be delighted! Another shining example of the super sharp BJP making another killing: “BJP chief Amit Shah’s wife’s income grew 16-fold in 5 years” nationalheraldindia.com/govern

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Today it's JNU students

tomorrow it will be your Children who will be beaten for their right for education

#standWithJNU students now

help them
protect them #jnuprotest

After 10 long years, Perali village in #Perambalur district of #TamilNadu now has both its lakes brimming with water, thanks to the years of efforts by these youngsters.


Dear Cold Cuts people. Fyi there is no such thing as a 'meaty' chicken sausage. If it ain't pig, it ain't a sausage.

Deleted FB account! Goodbye Hacky Zuck and Yucky Jack.

First everyone cries that Muslims don't integrate. When one of them learns Sanskrit (which most Indians don't know) they don't like it.
So it's not about Sanskrit. It's just about hatred. Nothing that they do is right.


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#ElitistBJP feeds salt and rice to poor kids learning.

#AntieducationBJP had allowed kids suicide across India to happen.

Keep the focus on education and how the current government has throttled education across India especially the POOR. Show them their #ElitistBJP is against the poor and then getting good education. They don't want the poor to study in good institute like #JNU or IIT so they are raising their prices.

The students at JNU are fighting for every poor kid in India.

So the current #JNU protest is currently being fought on the narrative set by the government and it's lackey media which is trying to show the issue is all about the subsidy given. We need to change that narrative.

1.#ElitistBJP is against good education of the poor.
2. #AntieducationBJP is destroying the education system in India.

The idea is to get a narrative which everyone in the country get behind. To bring back the focus to education and education of poor.

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Vodafone - LOSS
Airtel - LOSS
AIR India - LOSS

Only Kusum finserve owned by
Shri Jay Amit Shah is making handsome profits!



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