Wordle 218 3/6


When will COVID-19 become endemic?

I go Symbol Hunting

I find one on a sandy beach
brush off dust
wash it a little
set it in my pouch.

There is something lost
where that only a person can uncover,
meaning higher
than any cloud can touch.

So many lie beneath the surface
laughing as we walk above
their smiling faces.

Meet Jared,
He uses a wheelchair and speaks with a voice synthesizer.
We have banded together and will be putting out a series of interviews of people with differing abilities on youtube.


So please watch this video and consider subscribing to our channel. (Even ring the bell!) And if you can share this video. And keep following us, because we hope to put out at least one video per month.

The House is Alive

Heater clicking,
under a desk
-warm breath rising.

Moss collects
on playhouse

climb up
the side.

Cinder blocks
their cracks.

a door
speaks back.

Sometimes I sit there thinking and there aren’t even words in my head at all but it feels like a very important pause to take, like if I did not take that pause, I never could have got to the words that do eventually come, when they turn into thoughts and maybe even writing. This paragraph is like that. I just was sitting and needing the space of just not even thinking, just a long intentional moment of absolutely nothing.

“I am learning to recognize times when I just need to stop and breathe.”

Once I met a very old woman. I think her name was Sally. She sat next to me outside a coffee shop and shed on me the wisdom of the world. She had spent all of her money traveling to India, and I think she had been there a bit longer than she had bargained on, since the air fare is so high.

The funny part of this story was, I talked with Sally a lot, and she made India seem like the most alluring place. I could smell the spices in the air when she told me these stories. I understood why she would deprive herself to be there. I understood why she might have lived as simply as Gandhi just to experience a bit of India. Why not? Eh? No, I haven't told you the funny part yet. The funny part is, I told a friend of mine that I wondered where Sally was once. I wondered if she had made it back to India. I was in college, and this friend turned to me and she said, “Mrs Sally? That crabby old bitch died.” Rest in Peace Sally. You really seemed to have a full life.

This is a 5 minute listen, and will probably end up being transcribed in if you check back.


2 lines of evidence suggest the Russian Flu was possibly the line of coronaviruses we are seeing today.

It included loss of sense of smell and taste, neurological symptoms, among others.

It makes sense, but I never thought about the fact that viruses weaken over time. (Viruses just want to spread, so if their fatalities are reduced the viruses can spread more.)

how to make your citrus pie most tasty:

squeeze out the juice, pick out the seeds, blend juice and all of skins and rinds together making smooth soup. Start with that mixture is key. More flavor = better.

found poem

Clean House
Help Others
Serve God

The house is too dirty to clean.
Others dwell between masks.
Serving God sounds easier.

Maybe God is the daydream a girl creates to protect her power.

Made 2 calamansi merenge pies. Calamansi is Philipeanean lime, tastes lemony

Probably best taste ever. Sorry, no pic.

减字木兰花 Shortened Magnolia Flowers Tune (a kind of poem pattern)

Author: Ruan Yue (in the late Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD))

Clouds fell away at this dawn; day would be longer since then.

The socks for elders are newly woven; the custom should be handed down.

Warmer and warmer, shadow would also be shorter.

As night turns to be shorter, weights for timing should also be reduced.

满江红.冬至 Azolla Tune (a kind of poem pattern)

Author: Fan Chengda (1126-1193 AD during Song Dynasty)

Spring sprouts in the cold winter; the aroma of new vanilla leaves fills in the valley.

After the sunrise tomorrow, it would be a new wonderful year.

Don’t be thinking about medicines all the time; write a new poem at the solar term.

It’s not a forced smile; I merely revel in fantastic nature.

The day is long and I slept well. But when will things outside be satisfactory?

It would be better to gather with like-minded friends to have a great time on this day.

We make good wine and study the ancient musical notations.

Even though I can’t be drunk all the time, I am free at the moment.

冬至夜怀湘灵 Missing Xiangling on Winter Solstice Night

Author: Bai Juyi (772-846 AD during Tang Dynasty)

I can’t see my lover, and quilt is too cold to touch.

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