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Things that should be illegal:
- HTML emails
- Electron applications
- All websites bigger than 10kb
- Proprietary software
- Zoom & co.
- Capitalism
- Weak type systems
- Weak type systems that call themselves strong but are really shitty
- Rewriting it in Rust
- Reference Counting
- Mathematical Platonism
- Whatever the fuck "realtime malloc" means
- Whatever the fuck "realtime stack allocation" means
- Go
- Medium blogs
- People who post their tweets on mastodon
- Using github / gitlab

Just got sent a 24KB webpage from the scheduling system at work containing a two-word message from my boss.

HTML email was a mistake.

Donald Trump just tweeted, "I don’t care what state you’re in, this computer voting system is wide open to fraud and intervention." Oddly enough, he is 100% right, but for all the wrong reasons. He doesn't give a shit about voting-machine security, he just is pissed he lost. But, real talk: until voting machines are formally verified and mathematically certifiable to be fault tolerant, we should not trust them.,,

PGP is a standard for reason. I lost access to my TOTP 2FA from a mishap with my phone. This affected two primary accounts, Namecheap and Sourcehut.

Namecheap, asked for my entire life details (including verifying I have access to my email address on file) but could not complete the task because I do not keep order confirmations from 2 years ago nearby. Thus a "risk management ticket" was filed and escalated, introducing time wasted.

@sir verified my PGP on file over email.

Take note, techies

Dear #Guix users, good news: the upcoming release has a lot more documentation!

$ git diff v1.1.0..HEAD doc/*.texi | diffstat
contributing.texi | 243 -
guix-cookbook.texi | 819 +++-
guix.texi | 6730 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
3 files changed, 6427 insertions(+), 1365 deletions(-)

Granted, we had to catch up on API documentation, and still do, but I think the manual is looking pretty good now!


I am pleased to announce, starting next year I will be moving into education to be a mathematics or science teacher. I will continue to program, but thankfully it will be on my own terms, in languages I love, all free software. Additionally, I will continue to contribute to constructive mathematics in this new way, and experiment with introducing categorical concepts to secondary education aged students. This has been a long time coming. I am ready to be free of the world of problematic software

Am frustrated to learn that my websites are now being filtered due to US-Iran sanctions. This is fucking bullshit.

Implemented multilanguage, locale-based internationalization for org-webring. Thanks to @andgafet for letting me use you as the guinea pig!

Hoy estuve trabajando en incluir org-webring en mi Blog.
Si su blog es generado mediante org (incluso exportando ox-hugo) le recomiendo encarecidamente usarlo: es un web ring <con funcionalidad para generar planets> de primera (además de muy bien documentado!

El repo:

Mi blog:


After 2 months, I managed to unintentionally fix a bug on my website for webkit users.

Repeat after me: "I will not vote for anyone who voted for the DMCA."

You wake up. All the software is free. You wonder, what happened to the world of proprietary and unethical software? Nobody knows what you are talking about.

I'm just waiting to wake up from this terrible dream.

It's 2020. How are some ISPs still not IPv6 compliant?

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