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"Childhurds and GNU/Hurd substitutes":

We (@janneke, @civodul, @mothacehe) talk about support for the #GNU/#Hurd OS in #Guix, how it benefits from whole system cross-compilation, and what it means for @ReproBuilds and #bootstrapping.

Next up at the FSF 35th birthday celebration: after the quiz, please join us for a chat with activists anchoring local free software groups all over the world!

Most of 2020 doesn't even feel like it happened. It has been repeated trauma, after trauma. A blur of noise, nonsense, and tragedy. My child will ask me one day what 2020 was like, and I will not even know where to begin.

Why does certbot recommend using a snap, of all things?! Choosing “Other Linux” in the dropdown asks me to install snap too. Why?!

Telegram is being forced to shut down three freedom-fighting channels by Apple. If they comply with Apple, I won't use Telegram ever again.

coqffi, a tool to generate #Coq to #OCaml bindings, has finally been published at

Matrix still hasn't addressed the annoyances their bridge creates in IRC channels 2 years after I raised the issue with them

So I set up a channel on Freenode to dump Matrix users into:

/mode +b *!*@gateway/shell/*$##no-matrix-spam

Lets create a whole generation of programmers who don't know or care about Emacs or Vim. We can then convince them that webshit replacements, and overkill IDEs are quality, and then work it into university programs. It'll be great.

awk -F'[ "]+' '$7 == "/posts/2020-10-06-paying-for-free-software.html" { ipcount[$1]++ }
END { for (i in ipcount) {
printf "%15s - %d\n", i, ipcount[i] } }' * > out.txt && wc -l out.txt

Returns 253 unique IP hits on my latest blog post. I am stunned.

(I scheduled CRON to purge IP logs every 12 hours, but this post is only 6ish hours old.)

We hope you'll join us for our online 35th birthday celebration this Friday -- check out all the festivities we have planned in today's blog! Plus, don't forget: a $35 donation gets you this cool limited edition pin:

Submit your session for #LibrePlanet 2021 by October 28! We invite activists, hackers, law professionals, artists, students, developers, young people, policymakers, tinkerers, and more to participate:

Celebrate the FSF's 35th birthday with a beautiful limited edition poster or T-shirt designed by free culture illustrator David Revoy:

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