@evan3334 But how else will I spend my time being pitiful and bourgeois?

@craigmaloney Without code that isn't AGPL'ed, AWS would not have a business at all. Of their 170 something services, a hell of a lot of them (maybe even a majority of them) are ass-fucking the commons by turning free software into rentware.

Repeat after me: "I will not vote for anyone who voted for the DMCA."

You wake up. All the software is free. You wonder, what happened to the world of proprietary and unethical software? Nobody knows what you are talking about.

I'm just waiting to wake up from this terrible dream.

It's 2020. How are some ISPs still not IPv6 compliant?

I feel like 90% of my computing is just answering emails. If I didn't have GNUS to help, i'd be lost.

@doktorkrek Yes. Have you heard about how Rust's promises of safety are meaningless because it lacks a spec, a standard unified ABI, and avoids the type system constantly?

Does your local police department have a partnership with Amazon Ring? You can find out here: atlasofsurveillance.org/

The recent exploit around Bluetooth in the Linux Kernel is caused by type insecurity, unsurprisingly. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate the merits of writing system internals in type safe languages like OCaml which have high performance, memory safety, type safety, and thread safety. Or at least start working in static analyzers, like Frama-C to fuzz out this shit.

@bamfic @yogthos So did Lacan. But did Minsky hate him from the right or the left? I am pretty much blissfully unaware of Minsky outside of his AI Lab stuff.

@yogthos Just read Parenti's alternative take on Chomsky. Solid.

After 14 days, I just powered off my thinkpad. RIP $ uptime.

@lthms I have not tried using that flag argument. Interesting. Thanks

When we say digital rights, we mean your rights over digital stuff. Digital rights are not separate from human rights.

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