This page doesnt look half bad, considering my web development skills are next-to-nonexistent.

Cheers to @dmbaturin for the awesome tooling, and @bandali for letting me be a pest.

After months of being unemployed, I officially have a job. Thanks to my awesome wife for letting me spend time at home with our son. Looking forward to the new opportunity to learn and grow.

I am pretty shit at website development. But, I get a little better each time I do it.

Y E E T mathematical realism and platonism from your worldview today. Embrace intuitionistic logic, constructivism, and Curry-Howard-Lambek.

Does your website respect user privacy? If it doesn't, you owe it to your audiences to make that change!

I have devised a new hands-free technique to feed your small children whilst sleeping.

I have just tagged version 1.6 of org-webring, now featuring ATOM feeds (with correct parsing) and some more customization parameters. Thanks a bunch to @bandali, @brown121407, @jamzattack and more for the code/reviews/support!

Additionally, org-webring has been added to GNU Guix!

Are you using org-webring on your website? I'd love to see it! Drop a link or a screenshot!

The results of some structure changes I made to my website. New TLD coming soon.

A comparison between @sir's sanitization method, and the current (more terse, less nice) method we are using. Something which will be improved upon by the next release.

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