Things that should be illegal:
- HTML emails
- Electron applications
- All websites bigger than 10kb
- Proprietary software
- Zoom & co.
- Capitalism
- Weak type systems
- Weak type systems that call themselves strong but are really shitty
- Rewriting it in Rust
- Reference Counting
- Mathematical Platonism
- Whatever the fuck "realtime malloc" means
- Whatever the fuck "realtime stack allocation" means
- Go
- Medium blogs
- People who post their tweets on mastodon
- Using github / gitlab

@brettgilio medium is so fucking annoying. Its text! Why tf should it take so long to load?

@brettgilio one of these things is not like the others...

@brettgilio The ultimate illegal thing: a proprietary HTML email editor whose frontend is in Electron and whose backend was in Go but got rewritten in Rust, hosted on Gitlab, announced on Medium.

If you find that such a thing does exist... please don't tell me. ;)

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