Stop buying Apple devices. Please, for the love of freedom.

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@brettgilio ... and Google and Microsoft and Amazon and Facebook devices.

@brettgilio not only freedom but also for the sake of self-respect.

@brettgilio swimming against the stream is very hard sometimes. Easy things become difficult or inconvenient.

@brettgilio No, I'd rather not use third-rate garbage hardware and software. I like privacy, security, and functionality. Spend a little while in the nice ecosystem and you won't go back to garbage.

"Freedom" is bullshit, I can write & run any code I want on my iPhone & Mac. What you've got is "free" as in advertising.

@mdhughes I didn't know that iDevices let you check their proprietary software stacks for backdoors. Automatic and forced updates, and you still vouch for Apple's "privacy, security, and functionality"?

@brettgilio Apple pays bug bounties for security fixes, and we have debuggers. In practice, it's very difficult now for anyone to get to your data on iOS or a correctly secured Mac.

OTOH, you've personally checked Android over and it's totally secure… Oh wait no, Android is a festering hive of viruses, spyware, adware, and every government's backdoors. I guess many eyes make all bugs endemic.

@mdhughes @brettgilio I am 9 days late but what the did I just read
I had enough internet for this week

@mdhughes @brettgilio make excessive use of battery on older devices, stop supporting apps and cloud services on older devices, use own adapters for charging cable and earplug, stop updates for os after "short" time while the good hardware would still be usable, prevent battery from replacing.

@hast0011 @brettgilio Where do you think Androids are made? In shittier factories than Apple's, because they have NO oversight.

Updates? iPhones get 5-7 years of support, droids often ship EOL, never more than 1-2 years.

Batteries die. Android batteries explode.

Everyone's gone to no plugs, I don't love it but I see why.

You need to look at the actual state of the art, not just listen to the droid equivalent of Fox News.

@mdhughes @brettgilio it is the same with android. It is the same with almost all we are offered with a nice ecosystem exactly as you wrote.

@mdhughes @brettgilio Provide moving profiles of people during pandemic for limited time only... Bootlicking in USA while producing more and more phones in china. Paying almost no taxes in europe. Illegal price agreements to keep competitiors low. Only the big ones can do it and well we can say: lets close our eys and continue. freedom is bullshit.

@brettgilio At first I read "stopbullying" and I was thinking

what happened to you
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