@brettgilio @sir I can't believe GitHub doesn't tracks its users. No analytics?

@nawordar @brettgilio @sir

my thought: MS just does all the tracking it needs server side

@brettgilio @sir gitlab lets me turn off syntax highlighting tho

@khm @sir Reasonable trade-off in exchange for your privacy?

@brettgilio @sir privacy is for people who don't have leaked SF-86s on file with OPM

@brettgilio What kind of analysis tool is this? never seen this before...

https://themarkup.org/blacklight is not 100% accurate I tried it with "nouvelobs.com" which is a website that contains ludicrous amount of crap if you let JS work and "....blacklight" din't notice much. https://loadaverage.org/attachment/6140338

@mangeurdenuage You should write to them to help them calibrate their system.

>When you visit this site, it tells Facebook.

Does _it_ tell Facebook ... or does it serve you a thing that tells your web browser to tell Facebook?

@sqwishy Probably the latter. I don't know how Facebook Pixel works.

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