Does your website respect user privacy? If it doesn't, you owe it to your audiences to make that change!

@brettgilio do you have a solution for embedded iframes from store sites?

That’s something I use in two sub-pages and it’s annoying me that I don’t know how to tell that to show the privacy notices appropriate for the embedded site.

Other issue: Youtube-embed.

Since I have no ads and no external statistics that keep anything personal, those embeds are the only thing I’m worried about.

@ArneBab Honestly, I am shit at anything web related. So that's going to be a hard no from me.

@brettgilio sends off to Alphabet, Inc... no telling what THEY do with your data

@brettgilio Wow. Can you believe it? A news site with this result?

It's the only Swedish news site I visit. Turns out government owned media can be a good thing sometimes.

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