2-for-1 way to improve your life: Stop programming in Go/Rust/Typescript. Start programming in Scheme/OCaml/Standard ML. Thanks for attending my TedTalk.

If you think proofs =/= programs, unfollow me right now.

Feeling cute. Might write a source-bootstrapping Standard ML compiler in C later. Idk

Sure, sex is great. But have you ever sat in bed wondering what would have happened had Lawvere became the people's chairman instead of Deng? We could have had the People's Topoi Mathematical Socialist Republic of China.

The reacc you get when you explain to your friend the relationship between homotopy type theory and locally cartesian closed (∞,1)-category theory.

all apps are bad but preinstalled apps that have 0 things to do with system functionality and cannot be removed without fucking root access, are the literal devil

Things that aren't cool: Reference counting, lack of generics, missing unified ABI, distributing your toolchain using curl/wget, half-assed concurrency, race conditions, using pointers in places where abstracting GADTs is better, lacking implicit polymorphism, using your own extra special build system just cus, down-casting, non-lexical variable shadowing, lazy evaluation where it unnecessarily hurts performance, not having ternary operators, no macros/metaprogramming, weak type annotations.

Me, watching people using any LISP dialect in an editor that is not Emacs

Why do cocaine when you can do category theory? It's basically the same thing.

CW: Will piss of platonists. 

Actually existing infinities are a wild assumption. Constructive proof of transfinite objects is the only way. Computability gang rise up.

Boost this post if you LOVE the bible, and are not afraid to show it!

Me, anytime somebody says LISP or ML are dead languages while they program in Go using VS Code.

Noticed more sites giving out discord links instead of email addresses for questions and support.


If you like Rust, you probably don't want to follow my page.

I have a website, where I blog, and I might write a book. IDK. Check it out? brettgilio.ml/

Feedback is welcome.

Write software as if you want it to be used 100 years from now

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