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[Monday Update]
Thought I wasn't going to do this, huh? Well, you know what they say

Special addition for Mastodon folks: while my intention is to wait to add ActivityPub to the platform, that's definitely something I plan to do as soon as it makes sense! Hope some BobaBoard communities get to join you all soon!

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"I'm sold! When can I have it?"

What a great question! ...I don't know.

BobaBoard is currently under development. Follow this account or swing back on 4/20 and 6/9 for the next exciting updates.

In the meantime, you can leave feedback at

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"What!? A 5k with no knotting!?" you say. "Unacceptable!"
My apologies. You're very right. Here's a quick rundown of the must-read:
* (the quick and dirty)
* (target audience)
* (community guidelines)

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Still scared? Confused? Never fear! At you can find a whopping 25 Formerly Unasked yet Common Questions to satisfy your curiosity. Why, at 4655 words, it's just slightly shorter than the last fic you read (but without knotting).

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"A semi-anonymous social platform for fandom!?" you say. "Why would I want that?"

I'm glad you asked, friend. Head out to to read about the philosophy driving the project.

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Tired of the endless grind for internet fame?
Do the words "get off my lawn" fill you with joy?
Don't you wish you could smush your fictional dolls together without the judgment of onlookers?

Welcome to the semi-anonymous social for the problematic fan!

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