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@gaditb Thank you for your stream of thoughts, they were definitely great ones! I believe your 4th question is the one I'm struggling with most right now. I do have time to figure it out, but I also don't want to figure it out once I coded myself into a corner.

I wonder whether you have any further thought about models of that you've seen around, or just general ones?

@gaditb Yes, that is definitely a concern. To me that's somewhat an incentive for people to choose managed instances, for example (which I believe Mastodon allows buying) over ones where the admins do have that full control. At that point access to underlying data might have better audit for abuse. Personally it's something I believe needs to be very well communicated though.

@gaditb thank you, I had that feeling of a lot of the fediverse being eventually very similarly to more corporate-built systems and finding the spaces that were looking at it from a different perspective is exactly the direction I'm looking to go to. As mentioned, I don't know exactly how I want my space in-between the communities to be yet, and that's a big chance to design something that isn't a copy of what's already there.

@gaditb that's part of what I'm trying to understand the shape of. I don't know how that spaces looks yet, and I want to figure it out by listening to what has worked or not in other spaces.

Also, fediverse folks: I'd love to hear/read more about your experience in decentralized spaces. Now that community building is going to become more of a priority, and given that, as you can read in the update, I'd love to build this starting from smaller, separate ones (though with no federation yet), it's more important than ever for me to listen and learn! If you want to chat, please do feel free to reach out.

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Hello everyone! Here with a platform update: A tiny pre-alpha version of BobaBoard was launched on 6/9, and the third newsletter, detailing the precious baby’s first encounter with a small test group of stranger. has been sent out! You can also read the update here:

(Someone called it “the funniest thing I’ve read all week”. Not making promises, but I believe it’s worth a click-through!)

I've recently given a presentation on how to maintain healthy online communities. I mention federation and mastodon in it (cause of course one must do so). Would love to hear what you people here think:

Of course this take on anonymity is really hard to fit in with federation, and I haven't studied the protocol enough to even begin designing around it. Still, I fully expect to enable non-anonymous communities at some point. Once I'm there, things will get easier!

Also, if you haven't heard, I open sourced the text editor I created for BB: More open source code will come soon!

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This is all production code, no hard-coding of specific effects. You can login, make threads, answer….
It’s still full of bugs (I have 3 post-its worth of fixes I’m working on) and has minimal functionality but… The early-super-closed-alpha-testers on 6/9 will live with it.

Unfortunately, it's still not the right time to enable federation, but rest assured that's still the direction I intend to go on in the longer term.

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Also, here's an example of a two-users thread. As you can see, I can see my identity but not the other person’s. If me and that person were friends, we’d be able to recognize each other across the website!

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Hello! It's been some time but I'm back with another update. The first post on BobaBoard has officially been made!

See it in the attachment, both with identity hidden and revealed!

Looking forward to sharing more and more exciting things! In the meanwhile, please enjoy and let me know what you think!

(And if you have a tiny mobile screen... I'll have an update later this week just for you ✌️✌️✌️)

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Development is proceeding steadily, and I'm hammering down a lot of the details. Just remember: while I have a vision I'm building towards, this project is not just about me. If you have ideas, opinions, or even just bugs to report, please share them here:

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This is NOT the finished product. There are some known bugs (sorry folks with very tiny mobile screens), and lots of things left to decide.

How are updates to threads going to look? Why are posts missing notes and tags? Can we have a larger text post format for fics? etc.

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[Monday (but actually Tuesday) update!]
It's been a while! I might be more active on Twitter ( but I haven't forgotten the fediverse folks.

I've spent the past week working hard on a dummy board prototype for your interactive pleasure.

You can see the result of my hard work here (light gore CW):

It is with Great..... "Pride".... that I announce BobaBoard's 4/20 event: the "Dress Your Fave as The Onceler" Donation Drive.

See rules:

In their unrelenting quest to brighten such a hard April 1st, our engineers (me) have been working hard to bring you a new, revolutionary feature: image filters.

@stux Yes! For this posting interface, I'm presently considering even releasing it on a MIT license. Doing some clean up of the code first because I can't let people see how I live when no one is looking 😂

For the actual network, I'm still weighing a bunch of possibilities. I'm considering dual licensing/open core. I'd be very interested in (a)GPLv3, but I want people to be able to develop paid plug ins and I'd hate to end up in a WordPress situation. Will talk to a lawyer soon-ish!

Hello! Here I am with the customary Monday update, posted on Tuesday on Twitter and then here on... Friday.

I've created a demo of the posting interface. It's very similar to the Tumblr one, and (as you will see) made to be part of a more threaded environment than modern socials.

A lot of bells and whistles are missing, and I hope to get to implement more and more post types as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, feel free to play with it and leave feedback at!

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