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This is NOT the finished product. There are some known bugs (sorry folks with very tiny mobile screens), and lots of things left to decide.

How are updates to threads going to look? Why are posts missing notes and tags? Can we have a larger text post format for fics? etc.

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[Monday (but actually Tuesday) update!]
It's been a while! I might be more active on Twitter ( but I haven't forgotten the fediverse folks.

I've spent the past week working hard on a dummy board prototype for your interactive pleasure.

You can see the result of my hard work here (light gore CW):

It is with Great..... "Pride".... that I announce BobaBoard's 4/20 event: the "Dress Your Fave as The Onceler" Donation Drive.

See rules:

In their unrelenting quest to brighten such a hard April 1st, our engineers (me) have been working hard to bring you a new, revolutionary feature: image filters.

@stux Yes! For this posting interface, I'm presently considering even releasing it on a MIT license. Doing some clean up of the code first because I can't let people see how I live when no one is looking πŸ˜‚

For the actual network, I'm still weighing a bunch of possibilities. I'm considering dual licensing/open core. I'd be very interested in (a)GPLv3, but I want people to be able to develop paid plug ins and I'd hate to end up in a WordPress situation. Will talk to a lawyer soon-ish!

Hello! Here I am with the customary Monday update, posted on Tuesday on Twitter and then here on... Friday.

I've created a demo of the posting interface. It's very similar to the Tumblr one, and (as you will see) made to be part of a more threaded environment than modern socials.

A lot of bells and whistles are missing, and I hope to get to implement more and more post types as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, feel free to play with it and leave feedback at!

(NOTE/DISCLAIMER/WHATEVER: there's no server or backend yet. You can write a whole thread, but it's not going to be saved anywhere or be seen by anyone. It's only the implementation of the writing functionality.)

((Honestly, I decided to start with the hard part. Implementing text editing is hell. I've committed serious crimes against web standards here.))

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Of course, you'll notice there's no tags. Fret not, I just haven't implemented them yet!

While they're fairly high up my list, I'm working to just fix as many bugs as I (reasonably) can on this bare-bones implementation so I can have you play with it ASAP. When? Well... soon as I'm done with all the orange and yellow TO-DOs. Which, I hope, will be in time for the next it's-1-am-but-this-still-counts Monday Update.

See You Then!

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Next up, comments!

"...but why two types of answers?", you wonder.

Well, because sometimes you need to type a 1k fill and sometimes you just need to ask "so, how much water should these sports be played in exactly?"

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So, progress:
I've been working on the UI implementation of threads.
Currently the only type of posts are "text posts", which are roughly based on Tumblr's OG ones.

(Because you don't have to hire a UX designer if you just c-- I mean, because why change what's already perfect?)

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(Even if it's past midnight, it counts 'cause I haven't slept yet.)
((Also you should click that, it's a preview of what I've been working on.))

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[Monday Update]
Thought I wasn't going to do this, huh? Well, you know what they say

@jahtnamas understandably! I'm excited to add it as soon as I figure out what Bobaboard's place and value in the fediverse should be. There's so much to figure out!

Special addition for Mastodon folks: while my intention is to wait to add ActivityPub to the platform, that's definitely something I plan to do as soon as it makes sense! Hope some BobaBoard communities get to join you all soon!

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"I'm sold! When can I have it?"

What a great question! ...I don't know.

BobaBoard is currently under development. Follow this account or swing back on 4/20 and 6/9 for the next exciting updates.

In the meantime, you can leave feedback at

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"What!? A 5k with no knotting!?" you say. "Unacceptable!"
My apologies. You're very right. Here's a quick rundown of the must-read:
* (the quick and dirty)
* (target audience)
* (community guidelines)

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Still scared? Confused? Never fear! At you can find a whopping 25 Formerly Unasked yet Common Questions to satisfy your curiosity. Why, at 4655 words, it's just slightly shorter than the last fic you read (but without knotting).

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"A semi-anonymous social platform for fandom!?" you say. "Why would I want that?"

I'm glad you asked, friend. Head out to to read about the philosophy driving the project.

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Tired of the endless grind for internet fame?
Do the words "get off my lawn" fill you with joy?
Don't you wish you could smush your fictional dolls together without the judgment of onlookers?

Welcome to the semi-anonymous social for the problematic fan!

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