@Satsuma and thank you do much for the DW suggestion. I have a lot of respect for the way DW does things, and while I skipped that era of fandom myself I'm actually considering opening a BB DW to check it out lmao

@Satsuma HTML/CSS also used to be way less powerful than it is now. You can do a lot of dangerous things with just that right now. I've done some research on customizing it (for layout themes and stuff), but it will require careful thought and whitelisting.

And agreed. RTE online are not a solved problem either. I *really* struggled to make a choice here. There's no slam dunk option (especially for free).

@Satsuma as soon as I wrangle notifs and can get more boards in, would love to have you! We're quite an... eccentric bunch right now, but quite fun!

@Satsuma I'm using QuillJS, which is an extensible RTE. Might switch to CKEditor which has a free plan for open source projects (only half of what I have is open source right now, though it will all be so soon!).

I've considered HTML but I think sanitizing it for real is going to be a mess, and there's a lot of problems with long term maintainability. There's not as much metadata with HTML editors, so making changes to functionality breaks things way more.

@Satsuma but yes there's always a tension between people doing things in different ways. I've been mostly mimicking what people already do on websites like Tumblr, which is effectively adding them in the tags and just formalizing the format. But "hey you can also input them to this other box if you want" is totally in the realm of possibilities.

@Satsuma I'm not sure if this isn't clear, but in general the idea is that they will end up in a different box when displayed, even if you use the same input box for them.

(Attaching an extremely drafty new version of posts to explain what I mean.)

@Satsuma oh, wrt this, I have in mind an updated tagging interface that should make things easier for newcomers! It's kinda expected for now people have to know some ways of doing things that they might need a guide for. I'm really keen on good usability, it's just a matter of prioritizing speed, and churning out more things so I can know what works and doesn't and converge to something that's as powerful as I want it to be.

@Satsuma So much to do still, but I'm really happy with where we're at. I can tell something special is being born, and there's a lot of tiny quirks that make it unique and exciting. It's a good mixture of older forums and modern social, and it's only going to get more so as I add more functionality.

I'm super excited! I hope I can soon get the mental space to sit down and truly explain the vision I have. Currently split in so many directions it's hard to even think sometimes :P

@Satsuma the staff has been growing a lot. I've been wrangling volunteers documentation and preparing a server for the past couple weeks, and I've even hired some paid help! We ran a codebase install fest today and helped 5-6 people install all repos. And this is just coders, and I haven't even gone through the volunteers form yet! It's just those who reached out directly. I'm astounded by the response.

@Satsuma only saw this now (chaotic month, didn't update Mastodon, thank you so much for helping me do this)!

re: why are these not a separate field: it's a lot smoother, I find, to type a small command rather than jump from field to field in a UI. Eventually most post on BobaBoard have tags, for one reason or the other, and once you are in that box you can do a bunch of things with quick shortcuts without having to move out!

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Apparently @bobaboard is moving from pre-alpha to alpha!

The largest changes this seems to entail is that current users can now send out invite codes & the boba staff is growing—the newsletter wasn’t written by V this time around but a new ‘secret co-conspirator’


And, to catch two birds with one train, here's the 4th edition of the developer logs I forgot to put on here: bobaboard.com/blog/development

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He has a charming smile. Big, dark eyes that dig into your soul. A smooth, steamy shaft weakening even the toughest limbs. Who better than your fave to service such a Train? 

Join the "Draw your Fave Getting Sexy with Thomas the Tank Engine Day" on 8/26/20!

More info and prizes at bobaboard.com/sexy-train

@Satsuma I just finished watching The Untamed! What's your ship 👀👀 (personally I'm a XueXiao kinda girl)

@Satsuma I really want fandom to embrace decentralized and open source networks because their actual needs aren't ever going to be served well by for profit endeavors in the longer term, but explaining *why* is hard when most people don't exactly understand how Mastodon et al. work or what building a profitable tech business implies/the trade offs involved. It makes them exploitable.

@Satsuma I hope it is! Are you a fan of the series? The premise got me really curious.

@Satsuma trying to explain technical things in an accessible way is really hard, also because many people (rightfully) don't care as much as me and other "tech geeks" do. I hope to get to do it more and more once the project stabilizes, and that I figure out how to keep it entertaining for a broader audience. Every fandom person that becomes a little bit more tech literate with my writing is a gift.

@Satsuma I really need to make my own post here! It's a really tough week cause I'm quitting my job and dealing with a lot of stuff :P will try to get to it later this week!

@gaditb Thank you for your stream of thoughts, they were definitely great ones! I believe your 4th question is the one I'm struggling with most right now. I do have time to figure it out, but I also don't want to figure it out once I coded myself into a corner.

I wonder whether you have any further thought about models of that you've seen around, or just general ones?

@gaditb Yes, that is definitely a concern. To me that's somewhat an incentive for people to choose managed instances, for example (which I believe Mastodon allows buying) over ones where the admins do have that full control. At that point access to underlying data might have better audit for abuse. Personally it's something I believe needs to be very well communicated though.

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