Presumably @bobaboard will make their own post about this, but apparently Boba’s going to have a bookclub for The Scum Villain’s Self Saving System!

Also V’s current solution to the ‘how do you talk about technical stuff to less technical fans, appears to be ‘use monsterfucking for the technical examples’ which honestly seems like a pretty solid approach tbh

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@Satsuma trying to explain technical things in an accessible way is really hard, also because many people (rightfully) don't care as much as me and other "tech geeks" do. I hope to get to do it more and more once the project stabilizes, and that I figure out how to keep it entertaining for a broader audience. Every fandom person that becomes a little bit more tech literate with my writing is a gift.

@bobaboard yeah technical accessibility is a pretty serious challenge! & the gap between tech and non-tech has just gotten wider over the years (for, various reasons) which only makes it harder for individual projects to figure out how to communicate with their users

But honestly I think demonstrating that you’re trying counts for a lot!

@Satsuma I really want fandom to embrace decentralized and open source networks because their actual needs aren't ever going to be served well by for profit endeavors in the longer term, but explaining *why* is hard when most people don't exactly understand how Mastodon et al. work or what building a profitable tech business implies/the trade offs involved. It makes them exploitable.

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