Hello! It's been some time but I'm back with another update. The first post on BobaBoard has officially been made!

See it in the attachment, both with identity hidden and revealed!

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Also, here's an example of a two-users thread. As you can see, I can see my identity but not the other person’s. If me and that person were friends, we’d be able to recognize each other across the website!

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This is all production code, no hard-coding of specific effects. You can login, make threads, answer….
It’s still full of bugs (I have 3 post-its worth of fixes I’m working on) and has minimal functionality but… The early-super-closed-alpha-testers on 6/9 will live with it.

Unfortunately, it's still not the right time to enable federation, but rest assured that's still the direction I intend to go on in the longer term.

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Of course this take on anonymity is really hard to fit in with federation, and I haven't studied the protocol enough to even begin designing around it. Still, I fully expect to enable non-anonymous communities at some point. Once I'm there, things will get easier!

Also, if you haven't heard, I open sourced the text editor I created for BB: More open source code will come soon!

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