Hello! Here I am with the customary Monday update, posted on Tuesday on Twitter and then here on... Friday.

I've created a demo of the posting interface. It's very similar to the Tumblr one, and (as you will see) made to be part of a more threaded environment than modern socials.

A lot of bells and whistles are missing, and I hope to get to implement more and more post types as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, feel free to play with it and leave feedback at!

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@stux Yes! For this posting interface, I'm presently considering even releasing it on a MIT license. Doing some clean up of the code first because I can't let people see how I live when no one is looking 😂

For the actual network, I'm still weighing a bunch of possibilities. I'm considering dual licensing/open core. I'd be very interested in (a)GPLv3, but I want people to be able to develop paid plug ins and I'd hate to end up in a WordPress situation. Will talk to a lawyer soon-ish!

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