[Monday Update]
Thought I wasn't going to do this, huh? Well, you know what they say

(Even if it's past midnight, it counts 'cause I haven't slept yet.)
((Also you should click that, it's a preview of what I've been working on.))


So, progress:
I've been working on the UI implementation of threads.
Currently the only type of posts are "text posts", which are roughly based on Tumblr's OG ones.

(Because you don't have to hire a UX designer if you just c-- I mean, because why change what's already perfect?)

Next up, comments!

"...but why two types of answers?", you wonder.

Well, because sometimes you need to type a 1k fill and sometimes you just need to ask "so, how much water should these sports be played in exactly?"

Of course, you'll notice there's no tags. Fret not, I just haven't implemented them yet!

While they're fairly high up my list, I'm working to just fix as many bugs as I (reasonably) can on this bare-bones implementation so I can have you play with it ASAP. When? Well...

...as soon as I'm done with all the orange and yellow TO-DOs. Which, I hope, will be in time for the next it's-1-am-but-this-still-counts Monday Update.

See You Then!

(NOTE/DISCLAIMER/WHATEVER: there's no server or backend yet. You can write a whole thread, but it's not going to be saved anywhere or be seen by anyone. It's only the implementation of the writing functionality.)

((Honestly, I decided to start with the hard part. Implementing text editing is hell. I've committed serious crimes against web standards here.))

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