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What's new! 🔥

Here are the major features we shipped recently! 🚀

📍 Bring your own email provider to receive notifications.
📍 Feedback messages for quizzes
📍 Workspaces for teamwork

Coming next: Group questions

Thanks to for helping us build user owned internet. BlockSurvey is powered by Stacks. Secured by Bitcoin.


"Stacks 2.0 is the dream tooling set to build the user owned internet," said, Blockchain Researcher & Engineer at

🎥 Watch us at the launch live stream:

Collecting surveys without any security is not an option. Loss of private customer data can be a costly mistake for companies. BlockSurvey offers easy to set up, fully customizable private surveys that you can launch directly from your website. You are in control.

Creating a survey is complex and time-consuming. We make it easy by providing you with the platform to create surveys and collect data. Communicate directly with your customers, improve your business relationships with BlockSurvey.

I am verifying my ownership of BlockSurvey - A Google Form Alternative on Gitcoin Grants at 👍⚡🥂🥂⚡👍

Happy to share today we have launched the paid version of BlockSurvey. If you are an Education institute or NGO or a student, write to us to for special access. Get started here ->

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